The advantages of collaborating with Whitespace

Whitespace will work together with you to truly understand your brand, brief and objective to deliver a tailor made solution to fit the brief. Our skill is understanding the needs of your business and to deliver a design and UX solution that both achieve results and resonate with your target audience.

With the rise in popularity of ‘DIYʼ web site builders, it is very easy to be swayed into exploring this route and to remove designers and developers from the equation.

We are definitely seeing a shift away from templated sites back to bespoke solutions which can offer a far more unique and personal experience. If you want your site to deliver more than a superficial, off the shelf experience and to engage your target audience on a personal level then there is no substitute for collaborating with an agency you trust.

All our websites include

  • A comprehensive Content Management System (CMS)
  • Full CMS training
  • Fully bespoke design and development tailored for you
  • Responsive design for all devices
  • Direct communication with designer and developer
  • 6 week review after launch

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Kick start

This will allow you to meet the whole team and for us to fully establish and fine tune your requirements.

We will discuss content and structure, assign responsibilities and put a plan in place to meet your timeframe, developing a 'roadmap' to refer to for the duration of the project.

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Research &
design period

Once we have researched your offering in detail, James will put pen to paper and begin idea generation. He will prepare an initial design for feedback and once agreed the wireframes will be designed using placeholder images and text. After approval these will be passed to the Development team.

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testing & feedback

Steve and his team will pick up the project from here.  He will begin to build the development site according to the approved designs. This site will be used for testing purposes, design alterations and to present you with a final example of how the site will look and function once it goes live.

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Corrections &
site launch

Once everything is in place and the site has been throughly tested by all parties, we will then push the site live. You will be invited to attend a CMS training session with one of our development team. After 6 weeks we will arrange a review meeting to discuss how the site is working for you and discuss any ongoing maintenance plans you might want to put in place.

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